Products & Services

laser-cartdridgeFull line of laser and inkjet products

We have a wide range of laser and inkjet cartridges available, including Hewlett Packard, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, Source Technologies, and more. We offer new, OEM (Original Equipment of the Manufacturer) brand-name cartridges and replacements for professional photographers and anyone who wishes to print using virgin new cartridges. Our services include free technical support and on-site trouble-shooting for machines that use our cartridges. We provide free estimates for repair and/or replacement costs. Our services include but are not limited to printer, copier, fax, plotter, scanner malfunction diagnostics, cleaning and maintenance work, extraction of foreign objects/matter from inside machines, removal and replacement of broken/problem parts, installation of rollers, blades, fusers, and other consumable components.

How We Remanufacture Cartridges

CartriCharge Imaging remanufactures only OEM (Original Equipment of the Manufacturer) brand name cartridges (cores). We disassemble the cartridge of its working components, empty and vacuum out residual toner, replace worn and/or broken parts, assemble and fill with packaged, pre-measured bottled toner, then test print function and quality using the reassembled cartridge in our test printers. If there are any defects in the test prints, we evaluate whether the cartridge is able to be repaired to remedy the cause of the problem or if its reuse is unreliable and so retire it.

We accept cash, checks, Mastercard, Visa, and purchase orders.